How to Make a Career in Politics

By Brenda on January 24th, 2012


It’s 2012 and an election year. Right now the GOP debate is in full gear as the Republican candidates are out there fighting for votes to become the nominee that will run against Barack Obama to become the next President of the United States. During election years there’s always a spike in interest when it comes to a career in politics.

It remains one of the most elusive careers because not many know how to get there. A career in politics doesn’t mean you have to become Potus as there are plenty of political jobs out there. So how does one make a career in politics? Let’s take a look.

Make sure it’s a good fit

Seeing politicians onstage can be mesmerizing. Before pursuing a career in politics make sure you have a passion for it and that it falls within your natural abilities. If so, then move forward with your decision.

Get a bachelor’s Degree

This is a must. The obvious major is political science because you learn about government and the legislative process. Politicians also need to have excellent writing and speaking skills so make sure to hone these skills. Politics is also about marketing, communications, and public relations so taking courses in these subjects helps also.

Get involved in college

Besides classes you’ll want to get involved in politics at your school. There are plenty of political organizations you can join that will teach you the political and legislative process. Debate is also a great organization to join.

Solidify your views

Political parties are based upon your personal views towards life and issues. At this point you want to solidify your viewpoint towards social and financial issues. You need to be able to articulate what you stand for and why you believe what you believe.


Find a candidate that you can get behind and volunteer to help out with their campaign. It won’t be glamorous work. Chances are you will be passing out flyers, calling on the telephone, or helping organize rallies. This is important experience you will need to see how politics works behind the scenes.


Be networking at all times. Let people of influence know that you are interested in a career in politics. You have to learn how to lobby for yourself so what better time to learn then now.


In college pursue a political internship. This will help you get further experience and expose you to decision makers that can help propel your budding career forward. An internship is crucial.



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