How to Not Let Facebook Interfere with Your Studies

By Brenda on November 23rd, 2011


Studying online is a great way to get your education because of the convenience of being able to study and do homework whenever you want. One thing that many online students are experiencing is decreased productivity because of distractions caused by social networking sites like Facebook.

Most people are not addicted to Facebook. Facebook addiction is very rare, but for many students it is a distraction because it is just one click away. If you’re finding Facebook and other internet sites have hampered your studies here’s how to keep focused.

Admit Facebook has Become a Distraction

You can’t move past a problem until you admit there is an issue. It doesn’t mean you’re addicted to it, but it is affecting your schooling. Embrace the fact there is an issue, and then you can take the steps to move past it.

Give Yourself a Set Time Limit

Facebook is certainly not bad. But like everything having balance and moderation is the key. If you’re going to get on Facebook give yourself a specific time limit as well as a specific number of log-ins. That way you won’t deprive yourself, which usually doesn’t last long, and you can still get on the site without it taking away from studying.

For example, you might want to give yourself 20 minutes at the beginning of the day and then 20 minutes in the evening after you are done with your school related tasks.

Turn off Facebook Notifications

Having Facebook notifications sent to your computer or phone is certainly tempting because it signals you that someone has posted something. It’s best to turn off email notifications to avoid the temptation.

Track Your Facebook Time

Sometimes it’s a good wakeup call to see just how much time you spend on Facebook. Track the amount of time you spend on Facebook and then think of how much more productive you could be if you cut your time down.

Block Facebook

If you feel you need to take drastic measures you can either block Facebook or delete your account. You can use software to block the website.

Control Your Thoughts

When the thought of logging on to Facebook comes up, just take that thought and put it aside. It’s okay to be tempted as long as you don’t give in to it. Temptation all starts in the mind. “Capture” that initial thought and you can nip it in the bud before the temptation becomes too strong and you end up wasting hours online.




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