How to Overcome Academic Low Self-Esteem

By Brenda on November 10th, 2011


Have you ever felt like everyone was smarter than you, especially when you showed up for that required core math class or foundational anatomy course?  If so, you may be suffering from a lack of academic confidence or academic low self-esteem.  You don’t have to accept these feelings and let them define you as a student; there are simple steps to get you on the right track in overcoming these feelings of inadequacies.

Tip 1 – No one is better than you

Remember that just because someone else appears to be smarter than you are, they are not better than you.  Those that seem to be overly intelligent are not always smarter, they just appear to be.  Some students have a gift of making themselves appear to be smarter by the way they talk or interact, come exam time this may not be the case.

Tip 2 – Talk yourself up

This doesn’t mean that you need to boast to everyone how smart you are but rather tell yourself.  You can do this by confessing in the mirror how great you really are.  Sound cheesy?  It doesn’t have to be.  Many of the world’s most famous celebrities and athletes make positive confessions in the mirror to help boost their self-esteem.  Tell yourself there is no need to be intimidated by others because you are just as smart as they are.

Tip 3 – Don’t take it personal

Some professors welcome class participation and even incite arguments and heated debates to get the students thinking.  Never take it personal when someone shoots down your idea.  They are not trying to make you look stupid, and even if they are, there are better things to think about than worrying about perceptions.  Many times when a person deliberately tears down another they are acting out of their own insecurity.

Tip 4 – Prepare

This means it is time to study and get prepared.  Don’t let your feelings of insecurity stifle your studies.  Many times feelings of unpreparedness are masked as insecurity.  Simply begin studying for the class and doing the outside of classroom work recommended in order to overcome your feelings of self-doubt.  When you have prepared for the class’ reading assignment or quiz you will be doing yourself a great service because your self-esteem may sky-rocket.  The worst thing you can do for your academic confidence is to show up to class ill-prepared.  Crack the books and spend quality time doing the work.

Tip 5 – Seek help

Most colleges and universities offer academic counseling services from licensed professionals.  The counselors are available to help you overcome your feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem.  There are times when insecurities stem from more deep-rooted problems and a counselor can help you overcome those issues.  It is always wise to reach out and get the help you need so that your grades do not suffer.

You don’t have to feel trapped by academic low self-esteem.  Practice these tips and strategies to overcome feelings of inadequacy and take control of your academic life.  Don’t give up, your education depends on it.





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