How to Pass a Difficult Class in College

By Brenda on November 10th, 2011


Let’s face it, not all classes and curriculum are created equal.  There are many tough classes that work hard at weeding out the students.  These classes may be a required core class or a difficult math course designed as a prerequisite for your business major, and they are designed to separate the studiers from the goof-offs.  What can you do to pass this tough class?

While there is no magic wand to wave or pill you can take to ensure you use 100% of your brain capacity, as in the movie Limitless, there are proven strategies that can improve your test scores and get you through this difficult class time.  Below are some helpful tips for passing your difficult college course.

Take Lots of Notes

One of the most important tips for passing a difficult class is to listen and learn.  Take lots of notes during class time and then take the time to review the notes.  Don’t simply shelve your notebook after class only to pick it up again at test time.  It is important to stay on top of the assigned class reading and take notes while doing so.

Join a Study Group

Statistics show that students who partake in regular group study sessions score better on their mid-terms and finals than those who study alone.  This will depend on your personal study preferences and learning styles but if you can find a group that challenges you and works together, you may just go into your test time feeling prepared and ready to do well.

Interact with Your Professor

Now is not the time to by shy.  If you are having a difficult time understanding a concept or solving a problem, talk to your professor.  Not only will you gain some insight into the problem, but you will gain relationship outside of the classroom with your instructor.  Most professors enjoy talking to their students outside of the lecture hall.

Hire a Tutor

Free tutoring sessions are usually available at most colleges and universities.  Even if you are taking online classes, a virtual tutor may be available.  Your learning skills department or career center can lead you in the right direction of finding a tutor for the class you need help with.

Review Other Material

Many times professors assign optional readings or study materials.  Get your hands on some of the optional materials and review it.  Online resources are readily available and can provide you with lots of information about the class or subject you are studying for.  Remember, the materials may be optional, but your instructor did offer them up for a reason.  Take advantage of reading and studying these materials.

You don’t have to write off your academic career simply because of the challenging math class requirement for your major.  Don’t change majors because of one weed-out course.  Utilize the strategies above and be prepared to work hard.  With a little elbow grease and some outside of class hours studying, you can get through this challenging time.


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