How to Pay Attention in Class

By Brenda on March 1st, 2012



Let’s face it – college lectures can be pretty dang boring. Even lectures that are presented by dynamic and engaging professors are tough to keep focused on for the entire class. If you’re like most students you may have trouble focusing in class, which means you miss out on important information. Here are some tips on how to pay attention in class.

Sit in the Front Row

Sitting in the front row of the classroom is the number one tip for paying attention in class. Studies show that students who sit in the front get the highest grades. They also show that students who sit in the back get the lowest grades.

Sitting in the front of the classroom keeps you actively listening to the lecture. It also keeps you on your best behavior. Most students would not dare get out of line and be disrespectful when sitting in the front row. And have you noticed that most of the questions that get asked come from students in the front? It’s much less intimidating to ask a question in the front than having to yell from the back of the class.

Take Good Notes

Taking notes in class actively engages you in the learning process because you are receiving and interpreting information. Taking notes makes your mind seek understanding of the information it is receiving. It’s this process that helps you not only pay attention, but also learn and retain what you are hearing.

Avoid the Class Clown

Every class has one. The guy who cracks jokes and tries to make everyone laugh. Avoid him at all cost. Sure he makes class entertaining, but his commentary only makes you have to study more outside of class by wasting your time in class.

Don’t Sit with Friends

Taking class with friends is great unless you distract each other. If that’s the case you should sit together in the front of the class or sit apart from each other. There will be plenty of time for socializing outside of class.

Find out Who the Best Lecturers Are

Not all college professors give boring lectures. Some are very dynamic speakers who captivate your attention. Others routinely abandon the lecture and engage students in learning through interactive conversations, cutting edge technology and group work. Find out from your friends who these instructors are and sign up for their classes early and often.


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