How to Stay Awake for an All-Nighter

By Brenda on October 24th, 2011



The rite of passage for college students, at least once during their academic career, is the all-nighter.  Whether you are taking online courses or attending a traditional school, any procrastinating student experiences the need to stay up all night and study an exam or finish a paper.  Below are a few helpful tips for pulling off the all-nighter and not falling asleep.

Have a study partner

Staying up all night and studying for exams can be touch, especially when doing it alone.  One of the most productive ways to pull off an all-nighter successfully is to have a study partner.  A study partner will give you that extra push when you need it the most.  Study partners may be your roommate, a classmate, friend or co-worker.  One of the best study buddies is a person from the class you are studying for.

Keep the TV or music playing

If studying alone it is helpful to keep some noise in the background, such as a stereo or iPod, or even a television.  The noise will keep you awake and help eliminate peace and quiet that could otherwise send you into dreamland.

Avoid studying in bed

One of the worst places to study is in bed or an overly comfortable chair.  When you get too comfortable you are more likely to fall asleep than if sitting in a hard desk chair at a table.  Uncomfortable wooden chairs or metal folding chairs may keep you awake all night as you won’t have the opportunity to stretch out and take a nap.

Take a cold shower

If you have hit the wall and find yourself dozing off repeatedly, it is best to walk away from the studies and take a cold shower.  The cold water will invigorate you and wake you up, making you more productive and able to stay awake for the remainder of the night.  The shower doesn’t have to me for thirty minutes, but rather just a few minutes to do the job.

Keep the caffeine brewing

Caffeine filled drinks are a good way to keep alert into the early morning or late night hours.  Try to avoid sugary drinks that cause a crash after the caffeine wears off.  Coffee and energy drinks are among the top favorites of college students.  You may not be able to sleep when you finally have the opportunity, but the caffeine will help you stay awake during your study time.

Take breaks often

If you have trouble sitting still or focusing, taking breaks often may do the trick.  Breaks may involve getting up out of your chair and stretching or hitting the gym for a cardio workout.  Going for a walk or bike ride may also do the trick as the blood starts pumping and your body and mind are energized.  Exercise breaks are a great way to stay awake during finals time.  The blood and adrenaline start flowing and you will be less likely to get sleepy while sitting at your desk studying.



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