How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

By Brenda on December 29th, 2011


For most students, the New Year comes at the perfect time to set some school related goals. Whether you’re an online or on-campus student, you’re probably feeling refreshed and recharged after getting some time off for winter break. What better time to start the new semester and the new year by making a New Year’s resolution to be the best student you can be.

Statistics show that the majority of people do not meet their New Year’s resolution. In fact, nearly 60% give up within the first three months. So how can you stick to your New Year’s resolution? Here’s how.

Be Specific

Resolutions such as “I want to get better grades” is a good start, but it is too general in nature to be effective. Part of the reason people fail is because their resolution is not specific enough to enable them to track their progress and make corrections should they get off track. A better resolution would be, “I want to get three A’s and one B this semester.” That resolution is specific enough to the point where you know whether or not you are making significant progress towards it. Your resolution should provide a clear target for your motivation.

Don’t Repeat Past Failures

Many students fail at their resolutions because they do the same things they did in the past and expect to have different results. You have to sit down and analyze what you did wrong in the past that lead to those failures. Once you identify them, you can make sure you do not repeat those same mistakes.

Don’t Get Down on Yourself

If you screw up, don’t get down on yourself and give up. Chances are you might not perform as well as you plan on an assignment, test or quiz, but you have to be able to bounce back right away and not let it get you down to the point where you throw in the towel. Dust yourself off and keep going.

Get Help

One of the best things college students can do is utilize the abundance of support services they have at their discretion. Both online and on-campus students have entire departments and instructors dedicated to helping them succeed. Use these services to your advantage. Also, leverage your family and fellow students to help you reach your goals. Make it a group effort. Communicate your goals to those close to you and let them help you out.


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