Identifying Barriers in Your Life

By Brenda on April 17th, 2012


Many times the barriers in life are not external – they are internal. In many ways our beliefs limit us much more than an external circumstance. Any many times, it was the internal belief that lead to the undesirable circumstance that we are currently in. For example, maybe you have a job that you despise and you would like that to change. But what lead to you getting that job? Maybe it was your belief that you needed forego college when you graduated from high school. Anyway, the point is, if you really want to remove barriers in life, the first place to look is inside.

So how do you do that? Identifying barriers often starts with introspection. Introspection is you ability to objectively evaluate yourself and what you believe. You do that by asking yourself some tough questions. Many people are so busy living their day to day life that they never take the time to evaluate where they are at and where they are going. This is an important step because without it – you end up in a place you never thought, and it’s usually not ideal. Here are some questions to ask yourself that will uncover some internal barriers.

What don’t I like about my life right now?

This isn’t designed to cause negativity that leads to complaining. Many people just complain about their life without doing anything about it. This question is designed to be the impetus for change. Most people only change when they despise something enough to make a move.

In order for these questions to be effective you have to have the right mindset. The right mindset is to believe that you have the ability to change your circumstances. You have to look to yourself as the solution. People with the wrong thinking blame their boss, the government, the economy, their partner, etc. This type of thinking leads to negativity because you think you do not have the ability to change your situation.

What am I afraid of?

This is a tough question to ask yourself – especially for males. And I’m not talking about snakes or spiders here. Many times the main hindrance in life is fear. Fear of failure, fear of responsibility, fear of letting people down, and the list goes on and on. Most people live their lives in the constant pursuit of comfort. Comfort is great sometimes, but in order to grow you have to get out of your comfort zone. You have to expand your inner-self by doing something that gets you uncomfortable.

People who develop the practice of making themselves uncomfortable are successful. It’s okay to be afraid. If there was no fear there would be no courage. Courage is doing something despite being afraid. So once you know what you’re afraid of, make a list of three things you are going to do to overcome that fear. Maybe it’s college or applying for that promotion? Whatever it is – just do it.


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