Like College? Try a Career as a College Recruiter

By Brenda on December 15th, 2011


Are you one of those people who enjoy the college atmosphere and have an enthusiasm for your school? Then a career as a college recruiter might be for you. College recruiting is a great job for people who believe in a college education, and can convey to students the benefits of coming to their school.

Job Duties of College Recruiters

College recruiters travel a lot. They are often assigned a particular territory to cover and recruit students. They typically recruit from high schools and community colleges. The travel extensively during their recruiting season, but do hit the road all year. College recruiters must be great one-on-one and group communicators. They must also possess strong presentation skills as they often present information about their school’s programs, majors, and financial aid to large groups of students and parents.

When not traveling, college recruiters often engage in student development activities such as advising, counseling, and event planning. They are often involved in helping student adjust to college life. They often plan and present at orientations and workshops. Recruiters also engage in one-on-one advising appointments to help students plan their college classes as well as engage in career counseling.

College recruiters must possess an outgoing and positive attitude. They are typically upbeat and comfortable at speaking in public. They also must be persuasive without being too pushy because their main function is to get students to apply to the institution they represent.

College recruiters come from a variety of majors including business, psychology, public administration, and education. Typically college recruiters must possess a bachelor’s degree to gain an entry level job. Many go on to obtain advanced degrees in order to climb up into higher positions within higher administration.

Recruiters must be highly organized and have excellent follow up skills. They typically reach out to students they meet on the road by sending them institutional information and answering their questions. College recruiters must also be adept at using technology such as social media to stay in touch with students and send out information about their school.

Career Outlook for College Recruiters

College recruiting jobs are expected to experience average growth rate of approximately 7% through 2018. Jobs will be competitive. The average college recruiter earns a salary of $42,000 per year, but salaries vary greatly by experience, employer, and region of the country. College administrators are expected to be looking for excellent recruiters as institutions are looking for people who can sell students on attending their institution.






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