Majoring in Hospitality Management

By Brenda on November 3rd, 2011


One of the hottest majors in online education is hospitality management.  The versatility of this degree makes the graduate a marketable commodity to any organization.  Customer service is a dying art, and companies such as Nordstrom or are seeking out the nations best and brightest to take their service to an entirely new level.

Service is more than meeting a person’s need according to these top customer service leaders.  Amazon seeks upbeat, passionate and natural born leaders to drive their customer service and hospitality departments to new heights.  If you enjoy helping others, are energetic and creative, and love to travel, a career in hospitality management may be just the field you are looking for.

Employment Opportunities

The world of hospitality is seeking enthusiastic graduates who have completed a degree in hospitality or hospitality management.  Some online schools offer two year degrees in the field of study while others offer four year Bachelor’s degrees.  Nearly 200,000 new hospitality management executives are hired each year by some of the nation’s largest companies.  The expected job growth for this field continues to soar and is expected to increase at a rate of nearly 10 percent for the next five years.

New executives are being hired at hotels, resorts, cruise lines, wineries, spas, restaurants and a large array of service-type organizations.  A career in hospitality management does not necessarily mean that you are working the front desk of a hotel, but may mean that you are managing the marketing or development team at a restaurant or planning events for a catering service.  The field is open-ended and graduates find that they can work in just about any industry they choose.

Many students opt to study hospitality management in combination with marketing or business.  A minor in business or double major in marketing allows for higher paying jobs at the entry level.  If you do not want to take the required classes for a second major, it is beneficial to sign up for some foundational business courses that will supplement your hospitality management major.  Hiring committees at companies look favorably upon business courses or marketing classes.

What to Expect in Your Classes

Most classes in hospitality management emphasize leadership and management skills.  As a hospitality manager in a business you will be required to lead.  If you have natural born leadership qualities, you may be ahead of the game.

Some of the most common courses taken in the field include niche emphasized management.  This may include a class in restaurant management or a lecture in hotel management.  Business profitability courses and finance classes may also be covered.

If you enter the program unsure if it will lead to the right career path for you, begin cautiously.  It is okay to take one or two foundational courses in hospitality management to see if you are a good fit.  The great aspect of this field is the versatility it brings.  A degree in hospital management may have you in the office one day while flying to Thailand the next to set up a new team of customer service reps.  The common thread in each area of the field is that you will never grow bored.


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