Making the Legal Profession Simpler with Advanced Technology

By Brenda on January 9th, 2012


The iPad has already made an indelible mark on the legal profession, but it’s barely scratched the surface. As the iPad continues to evolve, it will certainly integrate itself into the legal profession in ways we can only imagine. The savvy law professional who leverages these advancements has much to be excited about.

Work Out of the Office

The iPad will allow many attorneys to work without physical office space. Attorneys will eventually have access to all of the materials, technology, and administrative support right from home. There are already signs of this occurring. Many attorneys are turning to online freelance positions where they contract with individuals and organizations for their temporary services. The iPad can easily replace an entire law office including law library, reference material, state and federal laws, and office software.

Appearance and Presentation

There are a few attorneys already using their iPads in court to present their cases. What better way to smoothly and efficiently present in court than with an iPad? This makes the attorney look intelligent, cutting edge, and a cut above the competition. Right now many apps do not display properly on a projector, but there are many that function just fine. Currently iPad owners need to purchase a low cost adaptor in order to plug their iPads into a projector. It should be pointed out that all apps should be tested before hand to make sure they work fine on a projector.

Virtual Consultation/Litigation/Mediation

Virtual meeting software has been around for quite some time, but the iPad does it well. Soon it will be possible for attorneys and clients to have “face to face” meetings virtually. This opens up the market for attorneys looking for clients. Instead of having the local population base at their discretion they can market their services worldwide. The iPad could even be used to conduct meetings and litigations without having to be in the same room as the client and other parties involved. This would result in substantial cost savings for all parties.

The iPad Staff Member

While the iPad will never be on par with a paid staff member, it does allow attorneys to perform many of the administrative duties once assigned to legal secretaries. Tasks such as scheduling, document management, legal research, and some client communication can easily be done using the iPad. Imagine saving thousands of dollars in salary with an investment of just $500. This can help new or struggling attorneys stay afloat themselves until they are ready to hire additional staff members.

Save Some Trees

Law materials and textbooks are among the heaviest and most cumbersome books in the world. There are more and more apps coming out that are replacing these texts every day. The cost savings to the attorney as well as the benefits to the environment are outstanding. The iPad is making the dream of a paper free workplace move from pipedream to a tangible reality much quicker than thought. Attorneys will soon be able to say goodbye to the 10 pound law books and say hello to the lightweight iPad on a permanent basis.



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