Study Tips for the Millers Analogy Test

By Brenda on November 10th, 2011



You’ve probably heard of the GRE and the GMAT tests which are standardized tests for getting into graduate school, but you may not have heard about the MAT. The Millers Analogy Test is a standardized test that is used for graduate school admissions. It is a much different type of test that the GRE and GMAT as it uses analogies to test analytical and logical reasoning.

The MAT consists of 120 partial analogies that must be completed by the test taker in only 60 minutes.        Of the 120 questions, 100 of them count towards your score. The other 20 questions are used for experimental purposes. The MAT can be taken via paper and pencil or on a computer.

The MAT is used for graduate programs in a variety of disciplines such as psychology, social sciences, communications, nursing, and business. The MAT is known for its difficulty with average test taker answering about 40% of the questions correct.

Below are ten study tips for taking the MAT:

1. Start Studying Early

The MAT is simple to take, but it is very difficult. You need to give yourself 2-3 months of study time to get used to answering partial analogies.

2. Understand the Format

Most people have little to no experience taking a test like the MAT. Understanding the format will make you much more comfortable taking the test.

3. Take Several Practice Tests

MAT sample tests are available in abundance on the internet. You will want to take several MAT sample tests. Take the sample tests untimed at the beginning without the pressure of time. This will help you to understand how to answer the analogies. As you progress, begin to take sample tests that are timed.

4. Know the Strategies

The one thing about the MAT is that you can still get the answer correct by using deductive reasoning if you know nothing about the subject of the analogy. Study guides review the strategies in detail.

5. Do not Cram

The Millers Analogy Test involves analytical thinking and general academic knowledge. It is much more than memorizing some facts and regurgitating the information. That means cramming will do you no good at all.

6. Stay Calm

The time element makes the MAT very difficult because you only get 30 seconds to answer each question. You have to practice this in advance. People who do not have a tendency to get overwhelmed and stressed, which leads to unclear thinking. Stay calm!

7. Eliminate Options

If you do not know the answer start eliminating the wrong answers using your reasoning skills you learned from the MAT study guide. There is no penalty for wrong answers so do not dwell. Work quickly and move on.

8. Rest up

The night before the MAT get plenty of sleep, be well fed, and wear comfortable clothes. This will help you to think as clearly as possible.

Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to getting into graduate school!


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