Obtaining a Library Science Degree Online

By Brenda on September 29th, 2011


Have you always wanted to be a librarian or thought it would be the easiest job in the universe?  While the job itself may provide excellent benefits and a substantial pay, the education required takes time and effort.  Many students are turning to online library science degrees to fulfill the requirements of this wonderful career path.

Most libraries require a Masters in Library Science degree in order to be eligible for employment.  Many colleges and universities across the country offer the degree, and some even offer it online.  When considering an online degree in Library Science, here are some things to look for:

  • Accreditation

Stay far away from the school that is not accredited.  This is a general rule of thumb that can be overlooked if you are not careful.  Most employers will only hire a candidate who has come from an accredited institution of higher learning.  Students gain an edge on the job market when they attend and graduate from an accredited school.

There are non-accredited schools out there that offer degrees in Library Science, and some are good quality schools, but with the emphasis placed on accreditation they should be avoided.  Online schools should be checked for accreditation prior to enrolling.  Your school should be able to provide you with their accreditation agency.

  • Course rigor

The more rigorous the classes, the more challenging the curriculum at some schools.  The misconception that online schools are easier is a myth.  There are a number of schools offering high level courses and degrees that require more study time than that of traditional schools.  Students should examine the curriculum and classes offered before getting started.  If you are planning on breezing by without studying, Library Science may not be the wisest choice.  It requires time and energy to succeed in the major.

  • Are studies entirely online

While some degrees advertise that they are online, not all Library Science degrees are entirely online.  Some degrees offer an in-person component that is required of students before graduation.  The class may involve a weekend or longer that the student is required to be on campus.  This in-person component is fine for students who live near or in the same city that the college is found.  For students who live across country from their online school, this could pose a problem.  It is best to check out the requirements of an in-person component before getting started.

A career in Library Science can offer a rewarding and fun environment.  The job is medium-paced and presents a quiet environment to work and grow.  When looking for an online degree program in the field, keep in mind the tips we have discussed in order to make your transition an easy one.





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