Online Courses for Restaurant Entrepreneurs

By Brenda on October 24th, 2011


While a degree in restaurant management is not necessary to initiate your venture as a business owner and operator, there are a series of online classes that could prove to be beneficial.  It is important to be familiar with the principles of operating a restaurant in order to be successful.

Online classes are a great way to pave the ground for restaurant entrepreneurs getting ready to embark on a new business.  While a bachelor’s or Master’s degree is not necessary, you can take classes that prepare you for successfully running your own business.  The flexibility of online classes is great for those working full-time or busy preparing for the new business venture.  Here are some classes that may help you open and operate your own restaurant:

Leadership training

Just because you know how to put together a remarkable menu, doesn’t mean you know how to lead your staff.  As a restaurant owner there are a number of employees that must be managed and led.  Leadership classes will teach you how to resolve conflicts within the business, how to alleviate turnover, how to keep your staff motivated to work hard, and how to connect with your employees.  Leadership training is invaluable as the owner and operator of any business.

Management 101

Management courses are similar to leadership, except that they get down to the nuts and bolts of human resources and working with employees.  During online management classes you will learn how to hire and tactfully fire employees.  Management courses may cover information pertaining to creating staff schedules, paid leave, and how to ethically reprimand according to state laws.

Marketing and PR

One of the key factors to any successful business is the marketing plan.  You may serve the best food this side of the United States, but without marketing, no one will taste the delicacies.  Taking a basic marketing class online teaches you the fundamentals of getting your name and restaurant out there to the general public.  Marketing budgets and costs may also be discussed.  Developing the right marketing plan from the get go will keep the business afloat and crowds lined up at the door.

Business plan development

A crucial element of any new business is the development or business plan.  If you are planning on visiting a bank or lender for a start-up loan, then a business plan is highly needed.  Taking an online business course that covers these details is helpful in creating a successful restaurant.  Developing a coherent business plan helps you to explain what your business is, who your target market is, and how you plan to reach your target market.  Unless a convincing business plan is developed, you could have trouble securing the funding needed to start your restaurant.


Food handling and preparation

Food handling is required by all states and in some; the class may be taken online.  Proper food handling covers safety and sanitation when it comes to restaurant cooking.  The basics of food sanitation and what happens if food is improperly handled is covered in the online course.







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