Online versus On-campus Degrees As Told by Recruiters

By Brenda on January 5th, 2012


As soon as online degrees went main stream in the 1990’s they were attacked for being inferior and second rate compared to the same degrees earned in the classroom. Some educators even thought online education was a fad and would eventually die out. Fast forward a few decades and online education is stronger than ever.

what about the opinion that online degrees are still inferior to their in-class counterparts? According to several employment recruiters in the medical and business fields the stereotype is non-existent in the eyes of employers – and that’s whose opinion counts.

Recruiters are individuals hired to find qualified applicants for organizations that have employment positions that need to be filled. They do the initial screening of applicants based upon the job description and preferences of the employer.

Recruiters state that employers do not differentiate between online or on-campus degrees within the health care fields – especially for those positions that require licensure or certification. All employers really care about is if the individual was able to pass the certification exam. That is the standard. The online learning stigma has really passed because of the number of people going to school online and the prevalence of programs.

Recruiters say that the just like on-campus schools, there are online programs that are better than others. According to many healthcare and business recruiters, institutions that have very well respected online programs include:

  • Boston College
  • Boston University
  • Gonzaga University
  • Harvard University
  • University of Cincinnati
  • University of Washington

There are also many online only schools that students can earn a degree from that offer great degree programs as well.

According to recruiters at the top recruiting firms the fact that an individual earns a degree online or on-campus is pretty irrelevant in this day and age. That bodes well for the thousands of people who are attending schools online all over the world as we speak. In fact, a study done by the United States Department of Education done over a period of years showed that online learning was equal or as effective as on-campus degrees.

So if you’re worried about attending an online university don’t be. It seems that in the opinions of expert recruiters and hiring managers that matriculating to an online program does not affect employability whatsoever. The new perception is that online learning is a legitimate framework in which to obtain an education.



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