Overcoming the Fear of Failing

By Brenda on January 24th, 2012


Many things hold us back, but one of the biggest hindrances to success for college students is the fear of failure. Online students are often older and have definite career aspirations, but they also have some regrets that may have caused them to become somewhat fearful – even without knowing it. The fear of failing is very paralyzing, but many people do not even know that it’s holding them back.

Think of what you could do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Many people ask that question and to be honest, it’s not really a fair one because failure is often how we learn to succeed. Let’s take a look at how to overcome the fear of failing.

It’s Inevitable

The first thing we have to understand is that failing is inevitable. People spend so much time fighting something that is part of life. Sure we should do our best to avoid it, but not to the point where out fear of failing inhibits us from growth. You’ve got to embrace fear as a method for growth and evolution. If we were successful at everything we did then we would never grow as people.

So remember, failure is inevitable so stop fighting it. What we should focus on is how we look at failure and how we react to it. The focus should be how we view failure, which will in turn control how we react to it. It’s not that you have to enjoy failure, but it certainly helps to view failure as a catalyst for growth. Viewing it this way will make you more receptive and less apprehensive to it. Once you do this – its crippling powers will be gone in your life.

Get Help

If you’re failing at something get help. An outside perspective can provide another viewpoint that you may not have considered. Two heads are often better than one, as the saying goes. One of the main reasons people fail is because they are restricted by their own tunnel vision. They’re looking at things through a very narrow point of view because of ignorance, lack of skill, fear, or inexperience. Brining in someone to help out is a good idea. Fresh perspective can be valuable.

Try Something New

We’ve all seen how flies will spend hours on end bumping into a window trying to get free. Sometimes we act like that too. We try the same thing over and over and it only leads to failure. Sometimes that means we need to try something different. Trying something different is not failing. That particular path is just not the right path. Your approach won’t work. Stop what you’re doing and quit banging your head against the wall. Life has a way of telling us when it’s time to do something new.


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