RN to BSN Programs: Graduates Share 3 Main Obstacles that Nearly Kept Them from Enrolling

By James Collister on August 19th, 2010

Woman NurseRegistered Nurses have several good reasons to pursue an RN to BSN. Programs that offer a BSN allow for promotions, graduate study, specialty certifications, and higher earnings. However, only 32% of RN’s currently hold a BSN. According to a recent survey of students enrolled in RN to BSN programs, 3 main obstacles nearly kept them from enrolling.

1. Balancing RN to BSN Programs with Other Responsibilities

66% of current students in RN to BSN programs cited scheduling concerns as a major obstacle. Many RN’s have to juggle work, family, and school commitments. Survey responders reported that they were able to overcome this obstacle by implementing a carefully planned schedule and prioritizing daily tasks. The flexibility of online RN to BSN programs was also a key tool for maintaining responsibilities.

2. Family Concerns Related to Enrolling in RN to BSN Programs

Another 22% of nurses in RN to BSN programs reported concerns over maintaining family responsibilities. 66% of the survey responders were married, while 69% were parents. The students did have to sacrifice time with spouses and children for the study requirements of RN to BSN programs. However, at the end of the RN to BSN programs, 100% of the graduates said, if given the opportunity, they would do it all over again.

3. Difficulty of Financing RN to BSN Programs

16% of students reported financial concerns as a barrier to enrolling in RN to BSN programs. Nurses were able to finance their educations through personal savings, employer reimbursement, scholarships, grants, and loans. This obstacle was more easily overcome with the help of financial aid advisors at the schools offering the RN to BSN programs.

Survey responders were overwhelmingly in support of RN to BSN programs. They enthusiastically advised diploma and associate degree RN’s to pursue an RN to BSN. Programs that offer higher education for RN’s are important for both personal enhancement and the advancement of the profession of nursing, said survey responders.

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