Social Media Manager Career Overview

By Brenda on February 21st, 2012

Want proof that social media has changed the way we do business? One of the hottest careers is that of a social media manager. So what do social media managers do and how do you become one? Let’s take a look.

Social media managers are in charge of managing the social media aspects of a company. They monitor all social media communication channels such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and many times web sites.

Often times they manage, create and monitor content that goes through these various channels. Social media has become an integral part of marketing, communications and public relations. What has happened is that companies can now interact in a much more relational way with their stakeholders rather than just distributing information. It’s more like a relationship now.

Therefore, social media managers should be knowledgeable in marketing, communications, public relations, and management. They should also be very good writers and editors.

Social media managers often work closely with upper management to craft messages that go out to various stakeholders such as customers, potential customers, business partners, and internal employees. This is where a knowledge of corporate and consumer communication theory and practice come in handy for the social media manager. They can cement their value to the organization by providing insight on the delivery and style of the messages that are sent out.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics the job is expected to grow by approximately 20% through 2018. Most medium and large sized organizations have dedicated social media managers who solely focus on social media management functions. Smaller firms or those with limited use of social media may make it a marketing or communications function that is just part of the duties of a staff member.

Social media manager salary varies greatly by location, organization, and experience. The average salary is approximately $60,000 per year. Because social media management is a new position the pay varies greatly. As the position becomes more integrated within the career landscape the salaries will eventually stabilize.

College students interested in becoming a social media manager should consider majors such as communications, marketing, and information technology. They should also focus on specific courses that teach them how to utilize social media within the framework of an organization.

Graduates can expect a lot of competition for job openings despite growth. Many job applicants find the position appealing because of the potential for high pay and the cutting edge skills it requires.

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