Strange College Courses

By Brenda on October 25th, 2011


College is a place where you can learn about all kinds of subjects. Topics like economics, sociology, biology, and communications. But what about Harry Potter? Better yet, how would you like to go to class and listen to a lecture about Lady Gaga? This might sound like a practical joke, but these classes are real! There are a lot of seemingly strange courses like these offered at colleges and universities all over the country. Let’s take a look at some others.

Harry Potter 101

This course is offered at more than one college. The course uses Harry Potter in the context of race, gender, and class. Students discuss how a real Harry Potter would be treated in today’s society and where he would fit within the social construct. Would he be an outcast? Would he face discrimination? All of these topics and more are covered.

Lord of the Rings

This is a common literature elective where the books are discussed in great detail. Students dive in-depth into the overall story and study the characters to a great degree. Many colleges and universities capitalize on popular books and films to draw the intellectual curiosity out of students.

Tupac Shakur

Yes, the rap legend still lives on. This is a sociology class that is actually offered as an elective course at Ivy League institution Harvard. It is also offered at the University of Washington in Seattle. Students listen to his songs and study the lyrics. They break down the themes of his songs to analyze race relations, gender, and class warfare.

Social Issues – South Park Style

The hit comedy show South Park has made episodes on the most controversial news and societal topics. They’ve covered it all in grand fashion. The show is used as a platform for students to analyze real life hot button social issues such as religion, politics, terrorism, and virtually every other controversial topic.

The Sociology of Fame

This course uses Lady Gaga as an example of how fame is viewed in the United States. The class looks at her meteoric rise to fame from being nobody to the queen of pop culture.  Don’t expect to hear any of her music or watch any of her videos in this class.

These classes do seem a bit strange, but offer students the chance to learn about topics that interest them. We’d love to hear from you about other strange college courses you’ve taken or heard of.


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