Strayer University Profile

By Brenda on September 12th, 2011


Strayer University was established in 1892 and was formerly known as Strayer College of Baltimore. The school has an enrollment of over 60,000 students, and specializes in serving working students with an excellent and affordable online education. Strayer also has over 90 campus locations throughout the United States.

History of Strayer

The institution was founded in Maryland and known as Strayer’s Business College. The school was accredited to confer bachelor degrees in 1969 and master’s degrees in 1987. In 1996 the school went public to raise money for expansion. At that point Strayer Educational Inc. was formed. The added financing allowed Strayer to offer online courses to students throughout the world.

The school’s president is former University of Virginia dean Sondra Stollard. She joined the organization in 2008, and is the school’s thirteenth president. The Strayer CEO is Robert Silberman.

Academic Programs

Strayer operates on a quarter system. They confer the following degrees and certificates:

Undergraduate Certificate – Strayer’s undergraduate certificates provide basic training in a specific discipline. They are 27 credit hours. They can be completed in as few as two quarters if enrolled full-time.

Undergraduate Diploma – the undergraduate diploma is 45-54 credit hours of coursework. Many students choose this type of program when they are desiring to change their career field. Students will also choose this option when pursuing a bachelor’s degree, but want to pick up a diploma along the way.

Associate in Arts – this is a 90 credit degree. Associate’s degrees can be earned in a specific discipline such as business, criminal justice, or can be a general education degree. Students are required to have a high school diploma to enroll.

Bachelor of Business Administration – the BBA is 180 credits. It is a general business degree that covers business subjects such as marketing, management, economics, accounting, and finance. The degree prepares students for a business career in the public and private sectors.

Bachelor of Science – the BS degree comes in many different varieties as well. It also has an arts and science base that can be completed with an associate’s degree. The bachelor of science degree is 180 credits regardless of major.

Master of Business – the MBA has always been the top master’s degree. Strayer’s MBA program prepares students to be business leaders by offering cutting edge curriculum with the option of choosing between seven different concentration areas depending on your interests and career goals. The MBA is 54 credit.

Master of Public Administration – this graduate level degree requires a student to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. It teaches students how to assume leadership positions in non-profit and government agencies and organizations. The MPA is a total of 54 credits.

Executive Graduate Certificate – many professionals choose a graduate certificate for career advancement and skill upgrade. Graduate certificates are highly concentrated on one specific area such. They provide limited breadth, but a high  amount of depth of training.


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