The Benefits of Online Community Colleges

By Brenda on October 1st, 2011


Online community colleges are growing in number.  With the increase in non-traditional students going back to school to complete a degree or redesign a career, popularity for online schooling is also growing.  The two have joined forces and now there are a number of online community colleges that provide two year degrees and certifications in a wide range of studies.

Below are some of the benefits of online community colleges, why they have become so popular and why they are expected to grow.


Online community colleges are highly affordable.  Per year tuition from a two year community college is a third of what it costs to attend a public four year institution.

You also save money while deciding on a major.  Many students who attend a four year school have trouble deciding what to major in.  They spend a year or two floundering around and taking a wide range of classes, wasting time and money.  At an online community college, your costs are low so you can decide what to major in without damaging your bank account.

Easy to transfer from

If you desire to earn a Bachelor’s degree later on, it is easy to transfer your two year degree over to nearly all public and private schools.  Many students choose to earn a two year degree from a community college first to make the transition cheaper when they do start at a four year degree school.

Some four year schools have existing partnerships with community colleges.  These partnerships make the transition for transfer students very easy.  Once you complete your two year degree, all of the credits transfer and you begin your schooling as a junior at a four year institution.

Save money living at home

Online community colleges provide you with the option and convenience of living at home while attending school.  If you still live with your parents, this option can save you a lot of money.  Many older, non-traditional students, can still save money even though they don’t live with their parents.  Online schooling allows them to continue living at home.  They do not have to absorb the costs of on-campus room and board, but can live at home and save a large amount of money.  Room and board can be extremely expensive and living at home provides a significant savings.

Convenient scheduling

For most non-traditional students, the work and life schedule doesn’t change simply because they have enrolled in school.  These students must continue to work during the day in order to keep the bills paid.

Online community colleges allow you to continue to work during the day while studying or taking classes at night.  Taking online classes allows you to study at anytime of the day or night.  You can stay at home and not have to schedule daycare or absorb commuting costs simply because you decided to go back to school.  Online community colleges provide convenience and money-saving options that are ideal for the non-traditional students.



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