The Highest and Lowest Paying College Degrees

By Brenda on June 28th, 2011



You’ve probably heard the statistics that say you can bank on earning at least $1 million more in lifetime earnings or that a master’s degree is worth an additional $1.3 million, but that sort of general statement can be misleading. That would be like saying all stocks will earn you a 12% return on investment which we all know if simply not true.

There are hundreds and hundreds of college majors to choose from and for many people attending college is an investment that leads to a higher paying job. So if finding gainful employment is your main consideration we’ll show you which college majors to avoid and the ones that offer the most lucrative salaries.

Ok, let’s start with the majors that typically lead to a job involving a spatula and a quarter pound of beef:

1. Religion – unless you plan on going into full-time ministry you may have to double major in something more practical.

2. Film – majoring in this may have worked for guys like Spielberg and Lucas but for most it’s a dead end.

3. Latin – name me two people you know who speak Latin…exactly.

4. English Lit – good thing you like reading because you will probably have a lot of free time on your hands being unemployed.

5. Dance – last time I checked most interviewers aren’t going to ask you to show them how well you moonwalk.

6. Music Therapy – most people have never heard of this major. Do you know anyone who is a music therapist?

7. American Studies – looks like learning about the past does little for your future.

8. Philosophy – apparently knowing how the world works doesn’t help you too much in finding a job.

9. Art history – at least you’ll be able to identify all the paintings while you’re in the museum while everyone else is at work.

10. Humanities – turns out studying humanities is rather inhumane since you’re existence will consist of eating top ramen in your mom’s basement.

Now let’s look at the highest paying majors:

1. Chemical Engineering – you’re probably wishing you had paid better attention in math class now.

2. Computer Engineering – too bad video games didn’t count for college credit.

3. Electrical Engineering – median salary is $100,000 per year.

4. Mechanical Engineering – is there a common theme going on here?

5. Computer Science – starting salaries for students with this degree

6. Accounting – looks like knowing how to keep track of other people’s money will get you more of your own.

7. Economics/Finance – these people should make good money since they are the experts in knowing how it works.

8. Civil Engineering – although it lags behind other engineering majors it’s still one of the most lucrative career paths.

9. Business Administration – there’s a good reason this is one of the most popular majors.

10. Marketing – typically higher on the list, marketing slips into the last spot.

So there you have it – the best and worst majors regarding employment or lack thereof. Although future salary is important when selecting a major make sure you enjoy your field of study and are fully capable of doing a great job.




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