The Ten Worst College Majors for Employment 2012

By Brenda on February 16th, 2012


Times are tough with unemployment rates hovering around 9%. But times may be even tougher for college graduates with the following majors. Below we take a look at the top ten worst college majors for employment.

10. Comparative Language and Literature – Tough to even know what kind of job you would get with a major like this. You may go from reading a lot of interesting literature in college to reading a lot of the help wanted ads once you graduate.

9. Miscellaneous Psychology – Psych is typically on this list no matter what the economy is like. Many people who major in psych, but don’t go on to get a graduate degree find it hard to get a job.

8. Industrial Psychology – Most people have never even heard of industrial psychology – including employers. This is another classic case of academia and the real world not meshing.

7. Architecture – This is usually a good major, but one that has fallen on tough times because of the economy. Most organizations are not planning on major capital projects that need architects to design buildings and other structures.

6. Military Technology – The current administration is committed to cutting military spending and reducing military activity. That does not bode well for those who majored in military science.

5. Educational Psychology – Educational budgets have been getting pounded on for the last few years as states continue to cut and cut. Unfortunately when you have to choose from cutting the budget of a teacher and an educational psychologist, the teacher is deemed more important.

4. Library Science – Again, this is another case of education budgets getting slashed. Schools are choosing to operate their libraries with make shift personnel that will work for less. Plus, library science has always had a very low turnover rate.

3. United States History – There are only so many history teaching jobs to go around – and most of them are taken up by the football or basketball coach. This is another of the many education related jobs on this list.

2. Fine Arts – Fine Arts grads have nearly a 17% unemployment rate – ouch! There’s just not that many employers seeking workers who know the difference between a Monet and a Jackson Pollack.

1. Clinical Psychology – These individuals are unemployed at over twice the unemployment rate. The unemployment rate for clinical psychologists is a whopping 20%! Maybe they could all work for each other by getting together and talking about all of their problems.




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