Tips for College Grads Entering the Job Market

By Brenda on March 3rd, 2012


With so much competition it may seem like your odds of landing a job are slim to none – especially if you are a new college graduate with little experience. But don’t let that get you down. You’re not the only college grad short on experience. Follow these tips and you’ll go from recent college graduate to newly hired professional.

1. Leverage Your Degree

You’ve got a degree in marketing so now you need to immerse yourself in the field. Leverage your degree by joining professional groups and marketing organizations. This will help you become a subject matter expert and show employers you are serious about your field. Many employers will look past your inexperience if they see a diamond in the rough. They will hire you because they see great potential.

2. Highlight Experience You Do Have

No one expects you to have a plethora of job experience being a recent college graduate so there is no need to feel inferior because of it. Everyone starts out as a rookie before becoming a veteran. Just make sure you pull from the experience you do have and highlight that. Make sure you rehearse how you are going to tell employers about your experience. If you have a portfolio of projects plan on using that too. There’s nothing better than having something tangible you can put into their hands.

3. Using Social Media

Make sure you use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. Instead of using those sites for recreation use them to showcase yourself to employers. More and more employers are using social media to scan for talented recruits. They also check profiles of those who they are thinking about interviewing.

4. Leverage Your Network

You have to be willing to share your goals and career plans with everyone you know. Go out of your way to discuss what you’re plans are and share accomplishments with others. Let them know what kind of job you want in what industry. Also, do not be timid about asking for help from someone in your personal network.

5. Stand Out

Employers want innovators and out of the box thinkers. You can show them you’re this type of person no matter how short you may be on experience. One way you can do this is by sending personalized thank you letters to each person on the interview panel. Many job seekers, especially new college grads, forget this part.

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