Top 10 Online Degree Programs

By Brenda on July 29th, 2011


Online education was once a fringe educational model offered by few institutions. Today, receiving an online postsecondary degree or diploma is a mainstream practice. In fact, the second largest postsecondary institution in the world is the online school University of Phoenix.

While some majors are better suited for a traditional class environment most can be taught effectively online. Below we look at the top ten most popular online degree programs.

Business Administration

Business has always been one of the most popular majors because of the practical skills it teaches that can be applied to most organizations. Online programs vary from short term certificates to master’s degree. Students can major in general business or choose a specialty business degree that focuses on marketing, finance, economics, or accounting.


Many online psychology degree programs are at the master’s level that leads to certification as a counselor or therapist. Students who enroll in bachelor’s degree programs often take jobs in the criminal justice field.

Nursing Programs

RN and RN to BSN programs are extremely popular. Most programs are geared towards RN’s who have an associate’s degree and want to upgrade their education to a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN). A BSN degree can lead to greater career advancement opportunities such as management.


Engineering online degree programs give students the option of becoming a civil, mechanical, or electrical engineer. Some programs also include project management and business courses to help students learn to be better managers in a corporate environment. In today’s market, engineers need to know their craft but must also be able to work as part of a functional work group.


Liberal arts degrees are popular for students who want to complete a bachelor’s degree. Many online programs focus more on job related skills such as communication, and critical thinking as opposed to traditional course material offered at on-campus programs.


Most online programs are for those who have their teacher certification and want to move into administration. There are some bachelor’s programs but students who enroll in those often have to set up a local partnership with a school so they can perform their student teaching duties. Master’s programs are geared toward principal and administration certification or policy making.

Information Technology

Students learn about IT solutions that can be applied across public and private organizations. Online IT degrees vary greatly in scope as some are more business oriented while others focus on software development and programming.

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice online degrees lead to jobs in law enforcement. People can work directly with offenders or work behind the scenes performing administrative or forensic work.

Early Childhood Education

ECE varies from K-12 education in that it focuses on teaching preschool age children. Common courses include nutrition, motor skills, reading, music, and family studies. Most ECE online degrees are two-year degrees.

Health Administration

Health Administration degrees are fairly new but growing in popularity. They can best be described as a business degree geared towards the health care environment. Students learn health care marketing, health care finance, health care policy, and health care management. These degrees are offered at the bachelor’s and master’s level.




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