Top 10 Safety Tips for Female College Students

By Brenda on April 24th, 2012


The rash of student shooting has brought campus violence to the forefront of the collective consciousness within the academic community. With all this safety talk going around we thought it would be appropriate to discuss some campus safety tips for female college students. Check them out below.

10. Know where safety phones are

College campuses are littered with campus safety phones that are free of charge. Students in trouble can call them and talk directly with campus security staff that can help them right away. Female students should note where these phones are throughout campus in case they ever need to utilize one.

9. Have a “safety sister”

It might be a corny name, but having someone you can call in case you need help is priceless. It is also helpful to have a secret code or phrase that means “Help I’m in trouble.”

8. Let people know where you are going

If you plan on heading to a party or on a date, let people know where and when you plan on being back. If you go missing, it is crucial that people know where you were and who you were with.

7. Use a designated driver

Everyone knows this, but not everyone follows this rule. How do we know? There were over 18,000 fatalities related to drinking, drugs and college students last year alone. Always use a designated driver and never ride with anyone who has been drinking or using drugs.

6. Leave if the party gets too wild

More and more college parties are getting out of hand. If you feel uncomfortable then go ahead and leave. College is about having fun, but not at the expense of your safety or your future. Your main goal is to get your degree and have a great future.

5. Never drink alone with a stranger

Rape often occurs when a female puts herself in a dangerous position by drinking alone with a “guy who seems nice.” It’s too easy to be a victim of date rape drugs and poor judgment.

4. Don’t ride with drunk people
Never put your life into the hands of a drunk fool behind the wheel. Who cares if everyone else is riding with them. Be the one who shows smarts and get out of the vehicle. If you’re sober, offer to drive.

3. Don’t offer rides to strangers

Females should never offer rides to strangers – especially males they do not know. Too many college females have disappeared like this.

2. Practice safe sex

If you are going to have sex – at least be safe about it. Don’t count on the guy to have protection.

1. Trust your gut

You have that gut feeling for a reason. Too many young college girls do not trust their gut instinct and end up paying the price for it.

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