Top 5 Jobs Available with a Business Associate’s Degree

By Brenda on September 29th, 2011


Not everyone wants to be in school for six or even four years.  The average MBA requires six to eight years to finish.  There are careers in business open to students who desire a quick two years in school to obtain their associate’s degree.

The top 5 jobs available with an associate’s degree in business are as follows:

Customer Service Representative

A two year associate’s degree in business allows you to work as a customer service representative in nearly every industry.  While many recent college graduates enter the workforce as a customer service rep, they move up the ladder quickly within their field or industry.

Customer service representatives are the voice behind the company and work directly with the general public.  Communication with customers may take place on the phone, in person or via live chat.  More and more companies are moving away from hiring high school graduates and setting their standards much higher.  These companies require associate business degrees for their customer service reps.

Insurance Claims Adjuster

Insurance companies require an associate’s degree in business for their claims adjusters and appraisers.  As an insurance claims adjuster, investigation of claims is the key component of the job.  Damages, policy reviews and settlement negotiations are all under the umbrella of a claims adjuster.

Very few insurance companies allow their employees to not possess an associate’s degree.  A two year degree is required for most entry level jobs.

Tax Examiner

Contrary to popular belief, you do not require an advanced degree in finance or accounting in order to work as a tax examiner or tax revenue agent.  Some federal agencies do require a bachelor’s degree; however, most require an associate’s degree in business.  State and local level agencies welcome candidates who hold a two year associate’s degree.

Administrative Manager

As an administrative manager, you will wear a number of hats within the business or organization.  Entry level careers in administrative management often lead to job advancement over time.  Many students who graduate with a two year degree in business pursue an entry level job as an administrative manager.

Duties may include customer service, coordinating meetings, and managing schedules.  You don’t need a four year degree for a job in this field.  Most employers hire students who are fresh out of college with an associate’s degree.

Accounting Clerk

An advanced degree is not required to become an accounting clerk.  In fact, a two year associate’s degree will get you in the door and moving up in a financial or business related department of a major company.  The primary job of an accounting clerk is to maintain the company’s financial records.  This may include bill paying, tracking expenses and profits, and keeping tabs on invoices.

Most companies are hiring students right out of college who possess an associate’s degree.  The entry level positions pay well for the industry and provide opportunities for advancement.

There are a number of other jobs available to students who have an associate’s degree.  It is no longer necessary for years of schooling to be completed before entering the workforce in the field of business.




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