Top Ten Grammar Mistakes Made by College Students

By Brenda on November 15th, 2011


Grammar mistakes can be a serious drag on your grade. Fortunately, the top ten grammar mistakes are very easy to fix. Having good grammar is so important in college and on the job. Using bad grammar makes an intelligent person sound uneducated and just plain dumb. Here are the top ten grammar mistakes made by college students – and how to fix them.

1. Using alot instead of a lot

Contrary to popular usage – a lot has a space between the A and the L. This is probably the biggest grammar goof up of all time. You can bet your English professor will catch it.

2. There, their, and They’re

These three totally different words often suffer from a case of mistaken identity. Most people know the difference but this mistake often occurs because the writer is going too fast and doesn’t catch it.

Right: It is their problem

Wrong: It is there problem

3. Than or Then

Right: If it is true, then I am going to look like a moron.

Wrong: If it is true, than I am going to look like a moron.

Than is used to compare things. Then often means “as a result of.”

4. Its or It’s

It’s is short for it is. If you can substitute it is in your sentence then you know you should put it’s.

5. Affect versus Effect

This gets even the best of writers on occasion. These two words will forever be linked in grammatical blunder history.  Effect is a noun that refers to a result of something. Affect is a verb resulting from an influence.

Right: The drug did not affect my cold

Right: The drug has a harmful side effect

6. Your versus You’re

You’re is short for you are. You’re is often followed by words ending in “ing.” Use the same test for it’s and it.

7. Anyone versus Any one

Anyone means any person. Any one refers to a singular individual.

8. Lose versus Loose

There really is no excuse to make this mistake! Lose means you didn’t win. Loose means something is not tight. Enough said.

9. An versus A

You use “A” before words that start with a consonant sound and “An” before words that begin with a vowel type sound. This is often abused before abbreviations.

Correct: She is going back to school to get an MA.

Incorrect: She is going back to school to get a MA.

10. Irregardless

Some words should never be seen in written format. Irregardless is one of them. There is alot…I mean, a lot of controversy if it is even a word. It is a word, but just not a good one. Avoid it and use something else.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the most common grammar mistakes made by college students. Hopefully you will never fall prey to there…oops…I mean their ways again.



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