Transferrable Skills – the Key to College Success and Beyond

By Brenda on February 21st, 2012

College teaches specific skills depending on your major. Skills such as accounting, information technology, programming, and teaching. But there are other skills that are just as important to your success in college and your subsequent career. Skills such as problem solving, negotiating, compromising, public speaking, and leadership. These are known as transferable skills.

They are called transferable skills because they transfer with you from class to class and job to job. It doesn’t matter what you major in or what kind of career you have. What professor or employer wouldn’t want someone who is a great leader or an excellent problem solver? These skills come in handy no matter what your engaged in.

Some experts believe these skills have more to do with your long term success than anything else. Transferable skills are sometimes referred to as character traits. And since they are skills they can be learned.

So how can you learn transferable skills? The first step is to find out which ones you were born with. Transferable skills are learned but each person is bent towards specific ones. Your college career office should have assessments that can tell you which ones you are naturally gifted with. It’s best to focus on developing the ones you already posses because they a your strengths and will feel natural.

Once you realize your transferable skill et then you need to put yourself in situations that call upon the sue of these skills. If you are a natural public speaker then you should join the debate team or take courses that require a lot of public presentations. The whole key to developing your transferable skills is by doing them. It’s like exercise – just thinking about it won’t cause change or development. You have to take action.

It’s so important to know which transferable skills you have and to strengthen them because they serve as guides to which major and career path you should be taking. That way you won’t be stuck in a major or profession that is a bad fit. That only leads to frustration, wasted time and wasted money.

Discovering, developing and putting to use your transferable skills is one of the best things you can do for your schooling and career. Leveraging these skills will result in the right major and career path that will use your gifts and talents resulting in you fulfilling your potential. Transferable skills are your secret weapon that will help you rise above the competition. Good luck!

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