Using an iPad for the Nursing Profession

By Brenda on December 9th, 2011


With today’s modern technology, healthcare is relying on the iPad to make professions run smoothly and effectively.  The fastest growing profession in healthcare is nursing and this field is no different when it comes to utilizing technology.  Nurses from the Medical-Surgical floor all the way into the classroom are using this revolutionary piece of equipment for many things, including patient assessment and medical research.

Below are the best ways nurses are using the iPad in the nursing profession through its state-of-the-art technology and inexpensive apps.  Many of the apps come with a small fee but most are completely free to nurses.  The common thread is that the iPad is changing the way nurses work and produce in their career.

Patient Record Assessment

Patient records can be brought up on the screen and conveniently gone through.  Records may include photos of the injury, x-ray images, notes and more.  Doctor’s orders may be found on the record and reviewed by the nurse so that he/she complies with the orders.  Patient record assessment is made easy by using the iPad and its capabilities.

Writing Prescriptions

Prescription writing is one of the newest applications for the field of nursing and medicine on the iPad.  Hospitals or medical centers that use digital prescription systems can benefit from writing prescriptions on the iPad.  At the touch of a button a prescription can get written and filled via a prescription writing app available on the iPad.

Information Sharing with Patients

Keeping patients informed typically means that they are happier and more compliant with care.  The iPad’s large screen makes sharing information with patients easy and feasible.  Nurses find that showing their patients images and information that is related to their treatment plan keeps them feeling like they are part of the solution and still in control.  Sharing information helps nurses gain rapport with their patients and keep them happier throughout the treatment process.

Effective Communication with the Hospital Staff and Team

The functionality that the iPad brings in terms of communication is effective and stream-lined.  Nurses find that effectively communicating with staff members throughout the hospital is quick and easy with the use of an iPad.  Nurses are able to communicate with doctors, x-ray technicians, housekeeping and even food service.  Communication is necessary to keep things running smoothly in the healthcare environment.

Patient Care Management

Every level of patient care can be managed by the iPad and its applications.  Nurses find that taking patient history, selecting the correct diagnosis, sending referrals, and helping patients understand their condition and treatment plan can all be done effectively through the use of a simple technological device.  The iPad is easy to use, portable and efficient when trying to retrieve information quickly for a doctor, healthcare professional or the patient.  The iPad makes it convenient to manage every aspect of the patient’s care.

The iPad has made its way into the healthcare industry and appears it is there to stay.  New apps and technology arriving on the scene almost daily make the machine one of the most effective of its kind for the nursing industry.




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