Very Vera: Profile of a Relaxed, Effortless Approach to Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising

By James Collister on February 8th, 2009

Girl on Green backgroundDue to hit the marketĀ  is Vera Wang’s new fashion line of sportswear, intimate apparel, jewelry, shoes, handbags, and accessories. The new products, collectively named Very Vera, are sold exclusively in Kohl’s department stores. The announcement comes as yet another success in her long history as a talented fashion designer. Her story serves as an inspiration for any aspiring student in pursuit of a degree in fashion design or a degree in fashion merchandising.

Vera Wang is perhaps best known for her famous line of wedding gowns. Her motivation for designing bridal gowns originated from her personal search for a simple, elegant dress to wear at her own wedding in 1989. She could find nothing that matched her fashion design preferences and settled on a less than satisfactory dress. When she discussed the idea of launching her own line of bridal gowns with Calvin Klein, he thought she was mad. However, she failed to let his comments dampen her spirits and materialized her collection the following year.

The child of Chinese immigrants, Wang gave up on the idea of a graduate degree at the age of twenty-three stating that her father could not afford an advanced degree in fashion design. She settled with her bachelor’s degree in art history and took her first job as the youngest editor of Vogue Magazine. She also spent two years as the design director for Ralph Lauren before leaving to design her own products. Despite her lack of a formal degree in fashion design or a degree in fashion merchandising, Wang exhibited a natural acumen for the world of fashion. One of her most famous designs was Nancy Kerrigan’s Olympic figure skating costume in 1994.

In addition to her innate talent for fashion design, Wang has also developed her knowledge of fashion merchandising and business sense in order to make her products a success. In an article for Time Style & Design, Wang admitted that the business requirements of being her own CEO have at times sapped her enthusiasm. However, true to her energetic resolve, she has launched her new line, Very Vera, in an attempt to reach a new clientele. She hopes that Very Vera will offer style at a more affordable cost to her customers. Wang has also announced that her Very Vera collection will retain her signature “relaxed, effortless approach to fashion.”

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