What to Expect in Getting an Online Economics Degree

By Brenda on October 3rd, 2011


If you want to open up the career options in the business and financial field, an online economics degree may be just what you are looking for.  Economics is the study of business principles that reign and govern commerce.

Economics students study finance, international business, consumer spending and financial trends.  A degree in economics allows students to be eligible for a wide variety of career paths and job opportunities. Below is a guide on what to expect when studying economics.

Courses you will take

While some schools emphasize only economics courses, others incorporate business and finance courses as well.  In order to achieve an economics degree you must take classes such as statistics, international economics, money, banking, and micro/macro economics.

Micro-economics studies economies on a small scale with regard to households or individual businesses.  Macro-economics, on the other hand, studies large economic systems, such as the economics system of a country.  These courses are highly emphasized in the economics curriculum and are required in order to graduate with the degree.

How online classes are administered

Online classes in economics are often administered in the same manner as traditional classes.  There will be material to read, possible lectures to attend (via podcast or other means of technology) and assignments or papers to turn in.

Class participation is a large part of most courses and weighted heavily in terms of grades.  An online class does not allow the students to speak to other students on a regular basis, but commenting on other’s assignments is often the best means of participating in class.  Discussion forums are usually offered so that students can interact with one another and collaborate on class projects.  Participation may be graded, so it is best to take this portion of the class very seriously.

Students have direct contact with the professor or instructor via email or even through the discussion forum.  Instructors should be contacted via email with questions about assignments, trouble with other students, or concerns about the class.  A quality online instructor will respond to the student within 24 hours.

Much of the curriculum for an online economics program emphasizes written papers and assignments.  However, some programs allow students to incorporate other means of technology.  Skills in spreadsheets, Excel, PowerPoint, and other commonly used programs in the field of business may be required.  It is best to brush up on these skills prior to enrolling in any economics class.

Most online economics programs are rigorous in nature.  Students should be prepared to move at a fast pace and stay on top of the subject matter.  With a little research, you should be able to locate the program that is best suited for you.

It is important to look for an online program that is affiliated with an accredited institution.  Employers look for candidates who have graduated from an accredited institution and are quick to overlook those who did not graduate from this type of school.  You can check out your school’s accreditation program online.



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