Wyoming Colleges and Universities: Pursuing Online and Campus Based Education in Wyoming, the Equality State

By James Collister on December 11th, 2009

Wyoming Online Female StudentCompared to the rest of the U.S., Wyoming is the least populous state. However, Wyoming colleges and universities throughout the state are offering prime education opportunities. Whether earning an associate degree, bachelor degree, or graduate degree, Wyoming professionals with a college education have some of the best opportunities in the state.

Top 5 Wyoming Industries Employ Graduates of Wyoming Colleges and Universities

Despite its heavy dependence on agriculture and mining, Wyoming offers diverse career opportunities for college graduates. The top 5 industries that employ Wyoming college graduates include:

  1. Wyoming Government.
  2. Wyoming Trade, Transportation, and Utilities.
  3. Wyoming Leisure and Hospitality.
  4. Wyoming Construction.
  5. Wyoming Educational and Health Services.

Graduates of Wyoming Universities and Colleges Benefit from a Healthy Local Economy

With over 10 million acres of forest land, Wyoming attracts millions of tourists every year. Another significant contributor to its economy is mining, which provides over a quarter of the state’s income. Wyoming college graduates are thriving in an economy that boasts:

  • The 2005 Wyoming gross state product was $27.5 billion.
  • The September, 2006 Wyoming unemployment rate was 3.4%, over a full percentage point below the national average.
  • 281,700 people are employed in Wyoming.
  • The 2004 – 2005 Wyoming median household income was $45,817, on par with the national average.

Nontraditional Degree Programs Help Working Professionals Achieve Education Goals

Working professionals and single parents throughout the state have access to Wyoming colleges and universities. Flexible combinations of campus-based and online degree programs are now available through Wyoming schools, such as:

Kaplan University: Wyoming Online Degree Programs.

University of Phoenix: Cheyenne College Campus and Online Degree Programs.

ITT Technical Institute: Wyoming Online Degree Programs.

To receive more information from any Wyoming school of choice, prospective students are encouraged to submit this information request form. Additional links to Wyoming colleges and universities can also be found through, the leading education and career resource website.

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